Embrace Change


Embrace change. An option, a direction, an acceptance, an attitude, an action, a vibration. Embracing with my heart and my mind and my actions. Beyond the law of attraction is the law of resonance. That which is in me resonates with that which is outside of me and I meet up with like vibrations as a magnet would.


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Who empowers whom?


We often hear talk about “empowering others”. However, we cannot actually empower others and others cannot empower us.

However, what we can do is acknowledge our own personal empowerment – cultivation –  and we cultivate ourselves by amending the “soil” – our inner nutrition;   providing “water” – most life giving of all; situating light – what we focus on. In others words, we cultivate ourselves by maximizing our inner conditions within which we can realize our power and potentiality.


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Choose Hope Over Worry


“Hope is not aimless positive thinking that grins when everyone else is grieving. It’s a confident expectation that there are answers.”

Don Miller, Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel

By the laws of nature we know that the vast majority of caterpillars entering into the depth of the cocoon emerge in beauty. There is an answer in the darkness.


The Next Moment


The Next Moment

What does the next moment hold when the present holds pain, or grief, or regret, or disappointment?

 The pain, grief, regret or disappointment slides into

the next moment, which then holds healing, awareness, the reminder of completeness.

Like the two-sided coin, there are two sides to every moment. Just that quick, on the one side we can see, if we choose, light, healing, and awareness brightening. On the other side we can see, if we choose, darkness, difficulty, and confusion, indicating the need to adjust the path ahead toward light.

Transformation is the willingness to see this other side.


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Natural Anger, Natural Desire


Anger is born of frustrated desire

Avoiding anger or refusing desire

Create within us unexpressed emotion

As naturally occurring human emotions, anger and desire must find expression.

Rather than impossibly resisting their flow

Yield to their path

Through which beauty emerges.


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