Learning Through Pain


Some lessons are learned best through pain, some lessons are learned only through pain.

There is nothing like pain that can slap us to attention.

Physical, emotional, spiritual, psychic; you name it, pain can course through the pathways of human experience and instantly stop our lives.

Then what? Many of us, much of the time, want only to alleviate the pain, nothing more.

“Just make it stop.”

We can run from it, we can muffle it, we can avoid it, we can cover it, we can deny it, we can make it “go away”, we can think it went away.

Until we learn what there is to learn from our pain, it is only in hiding, and will come again.

Half a life can go by; a whole life can pass. Our pain will not stop until it has imparted its lesson. Rather, the pain will continue until the lesson is accepted.

And then we learn.


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